Senior .Net Developer


Posted 11 months ago

We are looking for a Senior .Net Developer! Reach out if you are interested and feel free to refer friends/colleagues!


Type of Employment: Contract
Title: Senior .Net Developer
Term: 1.5-months – Estimated 40-150 hours worth of work for the project – will have to occasionally attend 1-2 hour meetings during the day time, but the rest of the work can be done in the evening/on the weekend
Location: Remote
Job ID number: C1016


Brief description of duties:

The consultant will be performing an upgrade on the client’s Practicum Management application from .NET Framework 3.6 – .NET Framework 4.8.


Current System Review and Upgrade Planning

The approach to completing the engagement would be to spend 1 day at the beginning of the project to define and finalize the required functionality for application and associated process flows. Another day would be spent confirming the current design and architecture of the code and system. As the final step in this phase the upgrading process and sequence will be designed.



  1. Basic upgrading each of the current elements to .Net 4.8 and if necessary the database to the target version.
  2. Identification and correction of any issues arising from the changes, upgrade and integration.
  3. A brief formal report to the client on the outcome of the upgrading and whether the process is likely to result in a functional application.
  4. Retesting and correction where possible of the functionality of the older application.


Testing and Acceptance

Integration testing will be completed by a Prodigy on the application and we will assist in carrying out user acceptance testing (UAT).

  •  Loading of test data for all of the tables.
  • Carry out functional testing of all screens and functions.
  • Log defects.
  • Retest after correction.
  • Assist client with UAT.


MUST haves:


  • Good experience with both .NET Framework 3.6 and .NET Framework 4.8
  • Good experience with C# and Visual Basic
  • Good experience with setting up a Microsoft Environment
  • Able to work independently


Nice to haves:


  • Has performed a similar upgrade in the past


Job Features

Job Category.Net Developer
.NET Framework 3.6 and .NET Framework 4.84+
C# and Visual Basic4+

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