Born in Toronto and raised all over the world, we find ourselves somewhat privileged as our mother company has been in the business for over 20 years and passed on her extensive industry experience. We have her wit and charm, but we’re doing our own thing.


We are an innovative IT recruiting organization that delivers customized, end-to-end contingent workforce solutions to Canada’s leading firms and organizations.

Our management team spent more than 20 years soliciting feedback from IT recruitment clients only to respond with the HR Brain model; markups are reduced, processes are optimized, and results are guaranteed.

what makes us special

We are specialized in IT.

Our unique model will reduce your hiring fees up to 20%.

We have a 48-hour guarantee in which we will provide you a status of your required need.

Skills are important in IT, but so are humans which is where we focus. We understand your company’s culture and workplace dynamic to find the candidates that match your organization as a whole.

We have an extensive database that we’ve been maintaining for ages – that may make us sound old but we are as fresh as we keep our data – and that’s super fresh! We prioritize maintaining long term relationships with our applicants.

why do we exist ?

There is no reason we should not mutually (meaning us, our clients, and our consultants) all benefit from advancements in technology that allow us to run more efficiently in every aspect.

With such being the case we have decided to take the opportunity to provide the same, if not, a better quality of service, for a more competitive pricing model. Our model allows clients to also reap the benefits of our reduced operational costs, bridging the gap between pay and bill rates as much as possible. We operate on the good faith that people will appreciate that we are humanly grounded, and we are interested in long term relationships with both clients and consultants. There is no reason there should be a consultant who is in doubt that their livelihood is compensated fairly and that they are being supported to make themselves the most attractive asset in an ever so quickly changing world – especially when it comes to technology.