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Posted 3 years ago

We’re looking for an R Developer / Shiny Developer! Reach out if you’re interested and feel free to refer friends/colleagues!


Type of Employment: Contract
Title: R Developer / Shiny Developer
Term: 12-Month
Location: Remote, for now,/ Toronto
Job ID number: C1266



Brief description of duties:


Our client is looking for an R Developer to join its OAK Garden Development Team. OAK Garden is an innovative project that aims at automating the SDTM (Standard Data Tabulation Model) workflow, to simplify and speed up the process for the e-submission of SDTM deliverables and thus delivering medicine to patients faster.

The components of the OAK Garden rely primarily on the R technology, as the brain behind the automation lies in a series of self-developed R packages. Thus, the project is looking for an R Developer who has experience or is willing to deepen their skills in R package development. A first MVP of the Product has already been released and the resource would be helping in both refactoring/ improving some functions of the existing packages as well as contributing to the development of new R packages and functions to enable new functionalities.

Note: R Shiny and data visualization skills are not specifically required for this role.

The resource would be working as part of an Agile team, across different time zones (US West Coast, US East Coast, Europe), so familiarity with the SCRUM framework would be a plus



  • Skills: Advanced R programming, including:

package development using devtools

package testing, using testthat or some other testing utility (RUnit comes to mind); experience with code coverage utils would be nice.

I think it would be nice to have metaprogramming skills to really understand the intricacies of the language.

Also, it would be nice to have experience dealing with package repositories outside of CRAN and Bioconductor, such as a company wide package repository.


  • Experience with code repositories is a must, including:

Working with GitHub/Gitlab or even Bitbucket, creating branches, familiarity with git workflows. We are not following any particular git workflow in our projects, but I think knowing them evidences some deep familiarity with version control systems.

Nice to have experience with CI/CD automation, be it Travis CI, Github actions, Gitlab CI/CD, Jenkins, Bamboo… at least knowing what those are and what purpose they serve.


  • Package development cycle using R CMD check

Familiarity/Experience with R package representations & structure (basic knowledge of what package metadata is available, and how to access it within R), including:

Extracting documentation programmatically Metaprogramming / static code analysis of package objects Knowledge of a package namespace and how it can be analyzed Experience developing/contributing to mature R packages that exercise many software development best practices



Nice to haves:

  • Experience working in a SCRUM team
  • Devops skills (Jenkins, GitLab CI/CD)
  • Experience leading a team of developers
  • Work on open source projects



Job Features

R programming4-5
Code repositories4-5
Package development cycle using R CMD check4-5

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