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We are looking for a Developer! Reach out if you are interested and feel free to refer friends/colleagues!


Type of Employment: Contact
Title: Developer
Term: 11-month contract – 37hours in Quebec and 37.5 in Ontario
Location: Toronto
Job ID number: C1109


Brief description of duties:


The digital advisor and client experience team is on a journey of transformation. We have a vision for the client and advisor experience of tomorrow and are looking for a smart self starter to help us tackle numerous challenges within the experience.

The developer covers a mandate that includes (but isn’t limited to) helping the client portal and mobile agile team on the technical development to accomplish the business requirement. This individual will build relationships with teams and business partners. The successful individual will be helping to shape our client experience and ensure that our digital channels are world class.

  • Understand and validate the needs expressed by the team, in close collaboration with the Product Owner (PO) and/or users.
  • Assist in designing, programming, configuring, and integrating the solution in a “just enough—just in time” mentality:
  • using development best practices supported by the Centers of Excellence (CoE) and applying the proper design, breakdown and modelling patterns for processing, data, and hosting infrastructure, etc. Guide the team’s technical choices based on the best practices and the corporate standards to which he/she will be called on to contribute)
  • Showing constant concern for guaranteeing the security and preserving the confidentiality of digital information
  • Preparing his/her development work for the execution of automated tests
  • Performing the required tests throughout the development process until production, avoiding service interruptions
  • Measuring the qualities of the developed solution (performance, robustness, functional coverage of the tests, etc.)
  • Implementing or using a continuous integration and deployment pipeline
  • Communicate and discuss technical choices with peers. Actively participate and initiate discussions between team members regarding design choices related to best practices and corporate standards
  • Promote the validation of the code produced by the team and help implement best practices)
  • Provide technical support for the software solution once put into production (anomalies, maintenance, oversight, etc.).
  • Actively contribute to make sure the documentation required for the sustainability of the designed elements exists, is valid and kept up to date.
  • Take responsibility for complex tasks and set the standard in his/her area of technical expertise.
  • Actively collaborate in all the team’s activities (ceremony planning, definition of done, etc.)


Must Haves:

  • Experienced in designing and implementing microservices using .net, Net Core & NodeJs (express.js), cloud functions
  • Experienced in event driven architecture using Kafka
  • Expert in Functional and OOP design using C# & modern JavaScript
  • Proficient in front-end development using JavaScript (React/NextJs, Material UI, Styled Components), HTML5, and CSS/Jss.
  • Solid skills in SQL (MSSQL, MySQL) & NoSQL (MongoDB)
  • Coding following best practices including TDD, DDD, BDD, SOLID and Software craftsmanship
  • Solid experience with REST based APIS following industry best practices
  • Experienced in building and developing container-based services (Kubernetes)
  • Sound knowledge of building CI/CD pipelines using azure devOps, Terraform, Helm charts
  • Hands on experience in Azure Cloud, GCP
  • Familiar with general monitoring principles and tools (Grafana, Prometheus, AppDynamics)
  • Familiar with Identity and access management & protocols/framework (Oauth2.0, OpenID, Okta)
  • Familiar with building NuGet & NPM packages
  • Have good grasp of software architecture and design patterns
  • Problem solver, analytical, attention to details and product ownership
  • Results-oriented
  • Curious to continuously learn and explore new approaches/technologies
  • Challenge others to develop as leaders while serving as a role model
  • Have worked in agile scrum/Kanban teams

Job Features

Designing and implementing microservices using .net, Net Core & NodeJs (express.js), cloud functions4+
SQL (MSSQL, MySQL) & NoSQL (MongoDB)4+

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