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Posted 11 months ago

We are looking for a Data Architect! Reach out if you are interested and feel free to refer friends/colleagues!


Type of Employment: Contact
Title: Data Architect
Term: 11-month contract – 37.25 hours
Location: Toronto or Ottawa
Job ID number: C1098


Brief description of duties:


the client’s hub will implement an overarching architecture that holistically integrates, transforms and shares data. This architecture will address client’s current data management problems and has the following goals:

  • increase client’s data handling capacity by orders of magnitude (provide more data to consumers)
  • make data accessible, shareable and understandable (democratize data and increase value extraction)
  • provide data security and data access auditing
  • support data governance (automated data quality, data transformation, data assets, etc.)
  • support standardization (data concepts, master data, aggregation, trending, etc.)
  • streamline and automate data flows and business processes
  • ability to adjust system capacity to meet variable demand
  • support remarkable customer experiences with the clients data

The vision of a Data Hub is based on client’s many years of experience combined with modern data management paradigms. Data Hub is an architectural ecosystem based on “Big Data”, Cloud and BI/Data visualization technologies that enables the client to solidify its position in today’s data-first world.


MUST haves:


  • As a member of the Applied Architecture group and working for the Data Hub project as a Data Architect, provides data architecture direction and delivers required architectural artifacts;
  • Works closely with various internal business and technical stakeholders to gather their input on data concepts and solutions;
  • Works with the Business areas to understand their needs and translate those needs into the appropriate conceptual, logical and physical data models
  • Implement the Data Assets in the Hub Data Lake/Warehouse environment (S3, Redshift, Redshift Spectrum, Glue, Athena, EMR) and Informatica Data Management platform (BDM, BDQ, EDC, Axon);
  • Develop data architectural standards, design patterns and schemas and conduct reviews to ensure their implementation.
  • Review existing data architectures, provide feedback and work on relevant Reference Architectures.
  • Delivers data architecture solutions for various aspects such as data versioning, data integrations etc.
  • Contribute to the development of the overall architecture of the Data Hub platform and supporting technologies including data management platforms, information access, and health information applications.
  • Provide subject matter expertise and technical leadership on the data architecture discipline. Ensures that data solutions exhibit high levels of performance, consistency, security, scalability, redundancy, maintainability, appropriate reusability and reliability;
  • Ensures interoperability, performance and scalability, reliability and availability, data consistency, cost effectiveness, and technological risks are all addressed in the data architecture;
  • Ensure solutions are documented and communicated effectively for their intended audiences;
  • Support redesign and optimize Data Pipeline based on AWS Big Data technologies.
  • Support Reference Implementation for optimized Data Pipeline
  • Leverages the clients strategic plan, goals, objectives, policies and procedures in creation of enterprise data architecture deliverables;

Job Features

Job CategoryData Architect
Data Architecture8+
AWS Data Lake8+

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