We Help You Hire

better, faster, and more cost-effectively.


You need

to hire or replace
IT professionals right away.


you don’t know
where to start.

You’re not sure

you can find the talent
you need in the time frame
you’re working with.

You don't have the time

to go through the whole

You don’t know if the person will fit

within your organization and get along well with others.


Recruiter-on-demand is a subscription service that guarantees all your recruitment needs for the entire subscription period.

You get assigned an account manager who will thoroughly understand your work environment, your employees’ technical skill sets, and your niche needs, then we send you prequalified applicants and we stock up a customized inventory to meet your contingent demands in a timely manner.

The goal is to fulfill your unique talent gaps and challenges efficiently and immediately as soon as they arise.

Tailored Database

We build customized databases with pre-screened IT professionals and categorize them by your desired metrics to meet your organization’s short and long-term hiring requirements. We maintain the database at your disposal and keep it up-to-date throughout the service period to allow for direct sourcing and timely onboarding processes.

Global Sourcing

We scan IT professionals from all corners of the world to find the ones with the niche skills you need and hire the ones that fit your organization the most at a far more competitive price We manage the process from start to end and we follow through with every step of the way, taking care of all related back office items and supporting a healthy and longstanding engagement.

Customized Solutions

We cater to your various needs within the IT recruitment domain, whether it be market intelligence, assistance with identifying projected talent needs, hiring an entire project’s team, or finding that one consultant/contractor you’ve been looking for. We assess your needs and get a deep understanding of your workplace requirements then we customize a competitively priced model that responds to exactly what you need.