During this trying time of uncertainty, there are still tons of phone interviews taking place – here is how YOU can ace them!

1. Lose your pajamas!

Yes, no one can see you, but when you change your clothes, it definitely puts you in the mood for a professional conversation!

2. Find a quiet room.

Make sure the other household members are aware that you’re expecting an important phone call, and do your best to avoid any kind of distractions. And have all your devices on silent mode.

3. Make sure all of these are handy.

– Your Laptop
– A copy of your resume
– A notepad and pen (never bad to have an old school option!)
– Earphones, wireless pods, a headset – whichever you prefer!

4. Prepare any questions you may have about the role ahead of time.

Check off the questions as they are answered throughout the interview and if they are not, you have all your questions ready to ask at the end of your interview! Hiring manager will appreciate it when you show real interest in the job and the environment and how better to do so then ask about them!

5. Don’t be a couch potato!

It’s alright if you’re comfy while you chat with your potential employer, but researches show you become more confident when you talk while power posing, find out what is your best power pose.

6. Pick up the call formally

i.e. “Good morning, this is (Your full name)”

7. Smile!

They may not be able to see you grinning, but it is noticeable through your voice tone, and keep in mind “everyone smiles in the same language.”

8. Don’t interrupt. (Just don’t!)

9. Leave a lasting impression. The impression you leave goes beyond the moment the interview ends!

Thank the interviewer for their time. The two most memorable candidates are generally the first and last one, so make sure you follow up within 6-8 hours from your conversation, as you may not be aware if you fall in one of those categories! If you are interviewing through a vendor or agency, circle back with the account manager and they can pass on a thank you/follow up email on your behalf!

If you are currently seeking a recruiter to help you explore the market, reach out! We specialize in IT and we’re ready to help. Send your most updated resume to info@hrbrain.com and let us know what type of opportunity (location, contact or full time, industry etc…) would be the most ideal for you!


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